Media Mention: Watters’ Words, July 14, 2018

July 14, 2018: Katie Pavlich, guest on Watters’ Words mentions her interview with me.

Link: Watters’ Words: A tale of two tours

Partial Transcript:

WATTERS: Right, and the cartels, they are the ones that are doing the human trafficking and the smuggling because they get paid a $5,000.00 bounty per head when they have these young people cross the border. Now, we just got some statistics, you know how they had to separate families because of the massive influx. They are reuniting some families, some of the “families,” they can’t reunite because listen to this, Katie. I mean, dozens of them aren’t their parents.

One is a child abuser, the other wanted to send the young person to a sexually abusive relative. Some of them have criminal history including child cruelty, murder and human trafficking. These are the people that have been separated from these young central and south American minors and that’s for that reason alone.

PAVLICH: Right, Jesse, I actually wrote a story for a couple of weeks ago when we were at the height of the hysteria surrounding the separation of families at the border. I interviewed a former ICE agent who actually blew the whistle, his name is Jason Piccolo, he blew the whistle in 2014 during the Obama administration and talked about how they were releasing unaccompanied minor children to sex offenders, to sexual abusers, to people in the United States who had been in the country illegally, but also previously convicted of these crimes.

And so, we hear a whole bunch about parents, but really, the billion dollar smuggling industry thrives on our open border process of catch and release because smugglers are paid to pair up children with strangers. And if you look at the statistics, there are a lot of single men coming across the border with children. And you had Elizabeth Warren a week ago accusing the President of having to do DNA tests because he was ripping children from mother’s arms.

Now, they are having to do DNA tests, which aren’t always the best implication by the way that people are actually related to their parents.

WATTERS: Yes, and Katie, being open border.

PAVLICH: Maybe they are doing that because they have been put with smugglers and into horrible trafficking situations, so I am not sure why the left isn’t concerned about that considering it’s such a massive (inaudible).

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