In 1993, I joined the U.S. Army, since then I haven’t stopped serving our Nation and I don’t plan to.

My federal career started in January 2000 when I became a U.S. Border Patrol Agent.  Over the next 18+ years I went from Special Agent (in different agencies) to Supervisor to my current position with an undisclosed agency (nope, not a spooky agency) in Washington, D.C.  I have worked everything from disrupting Cartel smuggling organizations to high-level terrorism investigation involving Al Qaeda to supervising Fugitive Operations. I am also a nationally recognized whistleblower for my 2015 uncovering of the release of thousands of tender age alien children to criminals.

I served in the U.S. Army from 1993 to 2006, on active duty, National Guard, and Reserves.  I was enlisted in the 90’s (Artillery & Intelligence) and commissioned in 1999 as an Infantry Officer.  I served a tour in Iraq in 2005/2006 as the Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection officer for the Combined Joint Special Operations Command-Arabian Peninsula after I was recalled from the Individual Ready Reserves (IRR).   I left the service as an Infantry Captain in 2006, still miss it.

I have a Bachelors of Science in Law Enforcement, a Master of Forensic Science, and a Doctorate of Strategic Security.  All accredited.

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Contact:  Jason@docpiccolo.com

I am open to unpaid communication to solve problems that affect our Nation’s security; on-air, radio, in-person, interviews, telephone, Skype/ZOOM, etc.

Subject matter expertise includes, but is not limited to;  The Border, Smuggling, Trafficking, Immigration Enforcement, Veteran Advocacy, Whistleblowing…. ….my goal is to protect our Homeland and raise awareness.

Email: jason@docpiccolo.com



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